Olive Group

Olive Group’s Hybrid Cloud solution has meant the IT system is now more reliable than ever and user productivity has significantly improved.

Olive Group

Olive Group is a group of companies providing security consultancy and solutions to customers operating on a global basis with the majority of its workforce spread acorss the middle east, Africa and the UK. With such a disparate workforce operating in a number of very challenging locations, it was critical that Olive Group could ensure security and flexibility while implementing a cost effective solution.


Each of the 4 companies within the group had very different demands on IT and very different levels of policy, security and flexbility required around where applications where held, where data was stored and how different, very disperate teams interacted with the various elements of the IT system. Olive Group also wanted a capability where new services and users could be deployed to the various operating locations very quickly.

  • Ageing legacy IT systems with poor reliability and resilience causing huge demands on the small internal IT team.
  • A desire to utilise Microsoft’s global public cloud services and deploying new users quickly and efficiently regardless of geographical location.
  • Lack of in-house resources with the relevant technical expertise to move the business to the cloud.
  • The Senior Team needed to understand the possibilities and potential roadmap before committing to a large scale project.

Olive Group’s requirements were far from simple. The group itself comprises four separate organisations, each operating from a single on premise Active Directory domain. They wanted each company to have its own cloud based IT that delivered everything the businesses needed – each with its own active directory domain. First up, Extrinsica were tasked with defining the cloud strategy roadmap for the Group that would lead to the business outcome defined by the Executive Team.

The solution involved building new separate virtual private cloud platforms for each of the companies on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for active directory domains, SharePoint back-ups and other line of business applications and then federating the Microsoft Azure platforms with the Office 365 implementations the businesses had already procured for email and business productivity apps. On top of this, Extrinsica Global also created an application cloud platform on their own Cloud OS-accredited EV3™ cloud infrastructure to deliver Dynamics AX to users across several of the businesses. The new hybrid solution effectively integrated every element of the new and old, on premise and cloud-based systems into one cohesive whole.

“The new hybrid cloud solution has provided the platform that we need to take our enterprise IT to the next level. It has enabled us to support the business with quicker turnaround times across the globe which has driven substantial improvements in our overall efficiencies”Julia Benny | IT Director | Olive Group