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Landsec recognised the limitations of old-fashioned IT – ageing hardware, burgeoning storage and racks and racks of equipment in data centres and a cliff-edge renewal scenario. At the same time, they wanted to be far more data driven, both in terms of decision-making and customer experience.

Landsec also knew their strategic objectives couldn’t be achieved with infrastructure in data centres and the first step on the digital transformation journey was to move to the cloud. Landsec’s detailed analysis of hyperscale cloud vendors determined that Microsoft was the best fit now and into the future. What they needed was a technology partner with the expertise, experience and track record to help them get to Azure with zero disruption.

“I cannot rate Extrinsica Global highly enough. What they have delivered to Landsec will change the way we consume and use technology for many years to come. They are knowledgeable, and solution driven. They are the only company we could trust to deliver one of our most important and strategic projects”

Danny Nicholson

Technical Operations Director, Landsec

Scale of the Challenge

The challenge was huge. Landsec had a complex IT estate of many Line of Business apps, Personal Productivity apps and very large amounts of data that underpinned them. Moreover, as a FTSE 100 company, they had substantial compliance requirements to maintain throughout. To add pressure to the project, the cliff-edge nature of their data centre contracts dictated the date by which the migration project needed to be completed.

Following a proof of concept, Extrinsica Global had just 6 months to understand the complete landscape intimately, design a solution that would deliver the functionality Landsec needed, build the solution, migrate the data, test, migrate production users and on-board the Landsec IT team into a shared responsibility management and support model.

The scale of the project was daunting and the time pressures to deliver the solution were exceptionally challenging. The project needed to be executed efficiency, with surgical precision utilising years of Azure migration and project implementation experience.

Creating the Perfect Solution

Using Extrinsica Global’s own DevOps based methodology, the Development Team, made up of specialist Cloud Architects, Engineers and Project Managers, used detailed discovery information to design, deploy and configure Landsec’s workloads on a new platform in Azure, making full use of Azure-native capabilities to deliver optimum performance, security and resilience across Landsec’s Production, Development and Test environments.

The project was completed successfully and ahead of schedule, resulting in Landsec being able to close down their data centre environments well before the cliff-edge for contract renewal. It was also completed with zero disruption to the business with many users being unaware they had transitioned to a completely new solution in the cloud.

On completion of the project, Landsec were carefully integrated into Extrinsica Global’s Cloud Operations Team to undertake the management and support of the solution. This enabled Landsec to focus on business innovation and customer experience .

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