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Key Forensic Services

Business Objective

Key Forensic Services provides forensic support to the UK criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is a 24/7 operation and the business needs to provide rapid service delivery with a very strong stance on information security.

Being so reliant on resilient IT, Key Forensic Services required an IT environment with the highest levels of availability, reduced risk and the ability to flex and scale rapidly to enable Key Forensic Services to focus on the role it plays in keeping the public safe.

“When you have people sitting in custody waiting for DNA profiles to be completed, there is no margin for delay. If we can’t provide those services, it’s absolutely catastrophic. Aside from a major incident being compromised, we face reputation damage and financial penalties if those deadlines are not met”

Paul Hacket

MD, Key Forensic Services

The Scale of the Challenge

Key Forensic Services had system based in a very small private cloud provider’s data centre. They experienced repeated and sometimes prolonged outages, which resulted in financial penalties because of a failure to meet agreed turnaround times. Their estate was complicated by the fact that they need to be directly connected to Central Government communications system.

Key Forensic Services needed a new system in the hyperscale cloud that would deliver the reliability, security and commercial flexibility they needed to make their business model successful.

Creating the Perfect Solution

Extrinsica Global designed and deployed a next-generation Cloud Lab on Microsoft Azure and delivered a complete end-to-end, fully managed service, which Key Forensic Services simply consumes.

The Cloud Lab, which includes highly complex Line of Business apps for DNA analysis and reporting as well as Personal Productivity apps, was built with resilience in at its forefront using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery and Azure Back-Up. Critically, the cloud-based apps also connect back to the sophisticated hardware in Key Forensic Services’ onsite labs across the country.

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