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Extrinsica Global move 100% of Workloads to Azure

EXG Admin 23 November 2017 News

Extrinsica Global and Microsoft engaged at the beginning of 2017 to agree the move of all of Extrinsica Global's customers from... Read More

UK cloud provider steals the show at WPC 2016 [Press Release]

EXG Admin 13 July 2016 Press Release, News

UK cloud delivery provider steals the show at Worldwide Partner Conference with customer case study showcase. Read More

Microsoft 2016 Partner of the Year Award

EXG Admin 6 June 2016 Press Release, News

Extrinsica Global today announced it has been named a finalist in the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Hosting Partner of the Year... Read More

1-Tier & 2-Tier Microsoft CSP

EXG Admin 14 March 2016 News, Uncategorized

Extrinsica Global have been certified as both a 1-Tier and 2-Tier partner on Microsoft's invitation only Cloud Service Provider... Read More

Key Forensic Services Go Hybrid

EXG Admin 20 October 2015 News

We would like to welcome new customer, Key Forensic Services, having deployed a full-service Hybrid Cloud solution for their... Read More

Extrinsica Global at WPC 2015

EXG Admin 12 July 2015 News

Extrinsica Global CEO Simon Smith and CTO Nick Smith have arrived at Microsoft's WPC in Orlando, Florida and have been having a... Read More

Microsoft 2015 Partner of the Year Award

EXG Admin 3 June 2015 Press Release, News

On 2 June, Microsoft named Extrinsica Global as one of its top 4 Hosting Partners globally ahead of its Worldwide Partner... Read More

Why Automation Will Drive Cloud Adoption

EXG Admin 24 September 2014 News

What customers really want from the new era of the cloud is simply the applications they need to run the business to be... Read More

Cloud Strategy & Transition Consulting

EXG Admin 12 June 2014 News

The cloud presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all shapes, sizes and discipline but ensuring that the correct strategy... Read More

Ensuring Quality of Service for your Cloud Delivered Apps

EXG Admin 23 April 2014 News

When delivering cloud solutions, particularly applications to users over the internet, ensuring quality of service (QoS) will... Read More

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