• Hyperscale public cloud: 5 game-changing benefits for growing businesses

Hyperscale public cloud: 5 game-changing benefits for growing businesses

EXG 16 July 2018 Cloud, hyperscale cloud

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In the beginning, there was the cloud; a technology that allowed businesses to scale their efforts, invest in better tools and reduce costs. But the benefits of simply moving IT workloads from a data centre to the cloud only went so far.

Evolving customer and market demands drove companies to seek bigger, bolder solutions, focusing on:

  • Better flexibility
  • Rapid elasticity
  • The opportunity to make the impossible, possible

And so, the hyperscale public cloud was created.

Hyperscale cloud infrastructure has an almost limitless scalability and computing capacity, which enables businesses to unlock capabilities they could never previously acquire.  

As it stands, there are three main hyperscale cloud players, providing 94 percent of the total cloud infrastructure: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google. And, with its growing popularity, the number of worldwide hyperscale data centres is expected to reach 628 by 2021.

But what makes the hyperscale cloud a game-changing technology?

Five advantages of a hyperscale cloud approach

If you’re contemplating moving part or all of your IT estate to the cloud, it’s a case of going big or going home. Here are five reasons why hyper-scaling your infrastructure can transform the way you do business.  

1. Scalability on-demand

The hyperscale public cloud provides ‘serverless’ computing platforms that offer a wide variety of scalable functionalities.  You can refactor existing workloads to run more efficiently or in different ways, so that they can scale up and down to any extent required. 

For example, rather than spending days running an intense computing task, you can deploy a large quantity of high-density compute nodes for 30 minutes and pay only for the resources you use.  This dramatically speeds-up the process and means you don’t need to run a virtual server 24/7. 

By re-architecting your IT workloads to take advantage of the hyperscale cloud, you can reap the benefits of the agile, inexpensive and elastic environment, deploying new functionalities as fast as you can think of them.

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2. Cost reductions and savings

More than half of businesses claim the biggest benefit of cloud computing is cost optimisation.

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 52 percent of organisations state ‘Reduced IT expenditure’ as a public cloud benefit.

Without the cost of buying hardware, conducting regular IT maintenance, and patching your software, your business can eliminate all capital infrastructure costs. What’s more, the cloud’s pay-as-you-go model means that your business only needs to pay for what it uses.

However, hyperscale cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, takes these benefits to a whole new level.  Today, even the smallest companies can access game-changing capabilities on a cheap and flexible basis.

And, the best part? You can invest the money you save in your core business, focusing on what matters most to your company.

3. Less downtime

Did you know that 90 percent of businesses say their legacy infrastructure is holding them back?

In this scenario, downtime becomes a real problem, making it difficult to maintain a consistent user experience. Every time you reach capacity or experience problems with performance, you have to down tools and find a fix.

In contrast, hyperscale cloud providers can dedicate more time and resources to ensuring their infrastructure available and performant at all times.  With 41 percent of businesses already stating that cloud computing improves availability and resilience, a move to the public cloud makes it easier for business to carry on as usual.

4. Optimisation and transformation

Moving to the hyperscale cloud allows you to optimise IT workloads and take advantage of the platform’s ultra-elasticity.  Not only can you improve the performance of key, you can also fine-tune when and how workloads run, making sure your business gets the most value from its investment.

It’s important to know that conducting a quick ‘lift and shift’ approach doesn’t get the most from the hyperscale cloud. Instead, businesses need to refactor their platforms, either themselves or with the help of a cloud specialist, to be able to take full advantage of the public cloud’s capabilities. Look for partners with specific expertise on the cloud service you’ve chosen.

5. Competitive advantage through innovation

When driving your business through a highly competitive landscape, it’s not just the road you should be keeping your eye on. To stay ahead of the pack, it’s important to remain innovative and invest in technology that will keep you at the forefront of your industry.

The hyperscale public cloud provides the perfect technological foundation for any business goal.  For example, you can rapidly implement projects such as data analytics or the Internet of Things, which wouldn’t be economically possible with your own resources.

With the hyperscale cloud, you have the tools to work smarter and more effectively than your competition, with the only boundaries existing in the limits of your imagination.

Not just another cloud in the sky

With the right expertise, experience and support, hyperscale computing will not only reinvent your IT services but the very fabric of your business itself. With its limitless scalability, powerful platform service and cost efficiency, your company can begin to view IT as a catalyst for discovering new horizons rather than a restrictive money pit.

With this in mind, why not see where the hyperscale cloud can take you today?

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