• Extrinsica Global move 100% of Workloads to Azure

Extrinsica Global move 100% of Workloads to Azure

EXG Admin 23 November 2017 News

Extrinsica Global (EXG) and Microsoft engaged early this year to move all of EXG's customers from their own private infrastructure, EV3™ to Microsoft Azure, complimented by Office 365. EXG undertook to move more than 30 customer workloads from dedicated hardware, split across two data centre locations in the UK. This effectively meant 35 plus consecutive projects to migrate customers production workloads to Azure without adversely impacting day to day operations.

The project officially kicked off in April 2017 and completed in September 2017, meaning 35 customers successfully migrated successfully in just over 4 months. The careful planning, honed processes and industry leading expertise required to undertake this exercise, in a relatively short period of time where paramount and resulted in Extrinsica Global being one of the only companies worldwide to be able to undertake this exercise. Read the Microsoft Case Study here

Planning, Management and Execution

To undertake such an unprecedented move of production workloads meant that Extrinsica Global had to apply all the learnings, expertise and planning methodologies developed over the past 12 years of delivering complex, cloud-based solutions for customers. It also brought sharp focus on the Project Management methodologies required to ensure all parties performed their tasks precisely and delivered on time. It also meant a huge communication exercise to both customers and all internal teams.

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Microsoft Azure - A Global, Hyper-Scale Capability for the Future

So why did Extrinsica Global undertake this project with Microsoft? The answer is quite straight forward. Extrinsica Global is driven to provide the best available solutions for its customers both in terms of performance, global reach and capability. It goes without saying that, solutions delivered from our own data centre capability could never match that of the offering from Microsoft's Azure cloud fabric and Office 365 capability combined. By moving our customers workloads to Azure and Office 365 means customers now have many more capabilities and product offerings at their disposal.

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We want to work with progressive companies looking to move traditional data centre workloads to Azure. If you are considering moving some or all of your workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and are looking for a experienced, trusted partner to assist you, we would love to hear from you.

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