• Key Forensic Services Go Hybrid

Key Forensic Services Go Hybrid

EXG Admin 20 October 2015 News

We would like to welcome new customer, Key Forensic Services, having deployed a full-service Hybrid Cloud solution for their 265 staff. Key Forensic Services is one of the largest forensics companies in the UK, located across 3 sites, providing mission critical forensic services to Government authorities and Police forces around the UK and worldwide.

Due to the nature of Key Forensic Services' business activities, it was critical that the solution deployed was secure, highly available and extremely resilient. In addition, it was critical for Key Forensic Services that the deployed solution was fully supported by a team of support specialists with sufficient security credentials.

Having designed & built a dedicated private cloud environment on the EV3™ Cloud Fabric for Key Forensic Services, The Extrinsica Global Projects and Cloud Migration Teams orchestrated the migration of key email, file and database data from the incumbent provider. This was followed by an in-depth testing and interactive user acceptance procedure, undertaken to ensure smooth transition to operations.

Once testing was complete, Extrinsica Global's Deployment Tiger Team, overseen by the Projects Team, transitioned Key Forensic Services to the new Hybrid Cloud solution over the course of a weekend with a smooth transition to a live deployment ready for staff to begin using the new solution on the Monday morning.

The Hybrid Cloud solution deployed for Key Forensic Services includes the following:

•    Office Professional 2013
•    Dedicated Exchange 2013
•    Integrated Key (forensic-based) Line of Business Apps
•    Premise-based Cloud Management Servers
•    Domain & Print Services
•    Above & Beyond Support

This Hybrid solution deployed for Key Forensic Services is an extremely advanced solution, designed to future proof IT provision as well as moving key management overhead to a trusted partner.

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– The Extrinsica Global Team