Ambrey Risk

Securely delivering mission-critical applications and email for Ambrey Risk; the preeminent international risk management and maritime protection company.

Ambrey Risk

Ambrey Risk is an international risk management and maritime protection company. Their principal operations include deploying teams of security specialists to protect ships transiting the Indian Ocean and offering advisory services to commercial and private clients. Ambrey Risk is now one of the largest maritime protection companies in the UK with over 100 staff.


Founded by military and security specialists, Ambrey Risk had no in-house IT expertise. The founders knew they needed a flexible IT system which could be accessed by both teams at HQ in the UK and staff deployed to the various locations around the Indian Ocean but didn’t want to have to invest time, effort and money in buying, installing and managing regionalised IT systems.

  • They needed a sophisticated IT system from which business applications could be deployed quickly without incurring large CapEx investments in server hardware and software licensing.
  • They needed members of staff operating outside the UK to access applications securely without the need to store data locally and for the files created to be immediately accessible by staff who were geographically remote.
  • They also needed facilities that were reliable, always available anywhere in the world and above all, secure, that could scale rapidly and flexibly as the business grew.

Furthermore, Ambrey Risk required a trusted service provider with the right heritage and the highest levels of experience to ensure the secure, performant delivery of their cloud-based IT.


After lengthy consultation to ensure that the best solution was provided for Ambrey Risk, Extrinsica Global rapidly provisioned a dedicated, tailor-made private cloud platform on the EV3 Cloud Fabric which provided Ambrey Risk with:

  • All the business productivity and line-of-business applications Ambrey Risk required, including the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Microsoft  Dynamics CRM.
  • Seamless integration and delivery of all of Ambrey Risk’s applications and sub-systems, giving staff secure access to business-critical applications and data in the many global locations from which they operate.
  • A centralised, cloud-based data repository that would ensure the security of confidential data and systems and prevent data loss through lost or compromised hardware.
  • The ability to open a new office in India without the need to procure, manage and maintain any in-country element of their IT but simply provision new user accounts on the private cloud.
“Extrinsica Global have played a critical role in the rapid growth and success of the business. Because of Extrinsica Global we have never needed an IT department. New user accounts or software applications can be provisioned in minutes and we just focus on the success of our business”Chris Charnley | MD | Ambrey Risk